ReFi Pro

Key Information

Product Details

  • ReFi Pro Platform:
  • Process: Investors deposit capital into ReFi Pro vaults ( on Ethereum, and the ReFi investment team manages / deploys investor capital onto various chains to generate yield
  • Liquidity: Monthly
  • Minimum investment size: $25,000 USDC. If you hold 1 million $REFI tokens, there is no minimum amount required to deposit into ReFi Pro
  • Fee Structure: 2% management fee, 20% performance fee (No high watermark on fees). The management fee will be charged when investors deposit into the ReFi Pro vault
  • Maximum AuM: Amount will be at the investment manager's discretion
  • Requirement to purchase $REFI tokens: No. There will be no requirement for institutions to purchase $ReFi tokens if they wish to deposit capital into ReFi Pro
  • Secured by: Fireblocks

Investment Strategy

The strategy for ReFi Pro capital will differ slightly from the ReFi Core Portfolio as the investment managers will focus primarily on low-to-medium risk strategies for ReFi Pro.
There will be lower risk tolerance on ReFi Pro, so we're aiming for annualised returns of 35-40%.
On the other hand, the investment managers will continue to target strategies across the low-to-high risk spectrum for the ReFi Treasury and Core Portfolio.

Built on Ethereum (ERC-4626)

ReFi Pro will operate as an Ethereum ($ETH) smart contract.
In particular, ReFi Pro has been built with the ERC-4626 standard, which enhances security and governance for tokenized vaults. You can find more information about the ERC-4626 standard here.

Differences between the $REFI Token, ReFi Pro and our Bespoke Managed Mandate Service