Flow Ventures

About Flow Ventures: Flow Ventures is an early-stage venture firm, investing in the tokenized economy that fuels the decentralised web 3.0.
1 Sep 2022: We are pleased to announce that @flow_ventures, an early-stage venture firm investing in the tokenized economy fueling the decentralized web 3.0, has made an investment into ReFi Pro! We welcome Flow Ventures to the ReFi community and ecosystem!
Total Investment Amount: Undisclosed

The Gentlemen's Club

About The Gentlemen's Club: TGC is a collection of 7777 unique Gentleman NFTs living on the Cardano blockchain.
27 Jul 2022: $ReFi is delighted to announce that @GentlemensC_NFT has entrusted us to manage a portion of their treasury within the newly launched ReFi Pro, alongside their strategy to increase their $ReFi Token holding. The Gentlemen’s Club @GentlemensC_NFT is an NFT project on the Cardano blockchain. It is the first CNFT project that innovates by collecting yields across different chains & chooses to channel realized profits back to its holders via Airdrops, Giveaways, Contests & games. It’s an honour for $ReFi to be able to utilise our expertise and protocol to help The Gentlemen’s Club carry out their vision.
Total Investment Amount: Undisclosed

Marshall Inu

About Marshall Inu: MRI is a movement that gifts MMA fighters cryptocurrency as support.
24 Jul 2022: $ReFi is delighted to announce that Marshall Inu (MRI) @marshallinu_ have entrusted us to manage a portion of their treasury within the newly launched ReFi Pro. The team and many of our investors at $ReFi have been great admirers of what Marshall Inu @marshallinu_ have been building since their inception in February 2022.
Given MRI’s goal is to provide financial aid to help and support fighters worldwide it is an honour we are able to play a small part in this by managing and growing their treasury so they can focus on continually providing important resources to fighters that need them. To date, @marshallinu_have helped more than 400 MMA fighters and donated over $4,000,000 towards things such as trainers and general living expenses.
We hope this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship between $ReFi and @marshallinu_ and we will continue to support Marshall Inu in anyway we can.
Total Investment Amount: Undisclosed


About TrexDAO: TrexDAO is a large global Chinese community focused on investments in DeFi and NFTs.
20 Apr 2022: The ReFi team is very excited to announce our new partnership with TrexDAO! TrexDAO is excited to participate in Web 3.0 and DeFi investments through ReFi. TrexDAO has entrusted the amazing team at ReFi with $1.5 million, bringing our total AUM to $4.5 million. This is more than just a partnership as it signifies ReFi’s endless potential for growth and validates everything ReFi and its community has achieved throughout this amazing journey!
Total Investment Amount: US$1.5 million
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