Partnerships & Connections List

Babylon Finance

12 Apr 2022: In addition to creating podcast gold, ReFi and Babylon Finance are excited to announce our partnership featuring a referral program. For every USD $5k deposited through the referral program, ReFi will get 0.5 $BABL and the depositor will receive 0.5 $BABL. On top of the referral program rewards: ReFi gets 250 $BABL no matter what (as a long term partnership token); If ReFi sends more than 5M in deposits, $BABL makes it 1K $BABL instead of 250 (0.1%) of the total supply.


1 Apr 2022: @0x_Lucas and @BenGiove tapped in with the ReFi gang to talk about $GMI (the responsible ape).

Durham Inu

29 Mar 2022: We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Durham Inu ($RBI). The ReFi team will be advising on a portion of their treasury. "$RBI is going to be the largest sponsor of Minor League Baseball... we need professional treasury management... and as such we have partnered with ReFi".


18 Mar 2022: Special $REFI DeFi Podcast episode with BanklessDAO team (


12 Mar 2022: Special $REFI Twitter Space session with MetisDAO team (


4 Mar 2022: We are excited to announce our partnership with Multifarm. We will create an in-depth Treasury Dashboard that will display a breakdown of all the assets in the treasury as well as the strategies deployed and income generated by the project.


25 Feb 2022: Special Twitter Space session with Bancor team (

RareBreed Ventures

23 Feb 2022: Special Twitter Space session with RareBreed Ventures team (

D3 Protocol

21 Feb 2022: We are excited to announce that $REFI mint is now live on and this marks the official release of the $DEFI index

JPEG Morgan

18 Feb 2022: $ReFi and JPEGMorganCap have joined forces with two goals in mind: (1) Diversify each other's treasury; (2) Tackle Innovation in the DeFi Space. $ReFi now holds 1% of $JPG supply with JPEG acquiring a share of $ReFi.


7 Feb 2022: $ReFi is proud to announce its new partnership with @LiquidSwapDeFi! Investors will be able to purchase $ReFi directly on our website via the $LQD API!

Cross Chain Farming, D3 Protocol

2 Feb 2022: We are delighted to announce a cross chain, cross investment partnership between @crosschainfarm x @d3protocol x @reimaginedfi with a total deal value of $30,000. @ReimaginedFi purchased $15,000 of $DEFI and @d3protocol purchased $15,000 of $REFI, both off the open market. This secures a $REFI position in D3, the first and only #DeFi3 index, and makes $REFI the first non $CCF yield bearing asset acquisition for the D3 treasury. Furthermore $CCF and $REFI executed a $15,000 OTC swap deal. Taxes were paid on both transactions to benefit holders with reflections. This deal diversifies both treasuries in two of the best performing #FaaS tokens on the market.


20 Jan 2022: A big welcome to our latest investor, @Midas_DAO, who recently bought $100K of $ReFi! We look forward to partnering with them on more initiatives in the coming months.